Life Isn’t Fair

I’m so stinking frustrated. I messed my life up in my teenage years by dropping out of school and getting married way too young. I’ve tried to make up for it. I work my butt off and have since I was 19 doing various jobs. 

Here I am 40 years old and have nothing to show for it. I make $20,000 a year and have to deal with a lot of crap working 11 hours a day with no duty free breaks or lunch. No chance of advancement and no recognition. 

I’m in debt up over my head mainly because of birthday and Christmas’ past. Yes it’s my fault but at the time I thought the hubs was going to help pay for the gifts. 

I dropped out of college after my dad passed away. I went into a severe depression and could barely function. I only have a year and a half or less to go, but I haven’t been able to repay my student loans so going back is out of he question. 

I said all that to get to this. Why do I have to work so hard and never accomplish anything and it seems some people have everything handed to them?  I know a 24 year old that just got a promotion and will be making $55k. She has zero common sense. I seriously wonder how she gets to and from work every day. She lives at home and only has a car payment. She’s been a spoiled brat her whole life and thinks he world revolves around her. Everything has been given to her on a silver platter. And here I am working my buns off, would help any body and have nothing to show for it. 

Maybe this is just showing me yet again that I’m worthless. I’m just a waste of air and space. I am nothing and will always be nothing.  


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