Sometimes my thoughts are so loud they overtake everything around me. Tonight is one of those nights. Just wish I could make sense of all the jibberish. So prepare for my ramblings or scroll on. 
At times, I know I don’t seem like the person I used to be. I’m not sure where that person has gone. I wish she would come back though. A bunch of you probably wish she would too. 
My heart goes out to so many people. For some reason, I have a hard time expressing it. I don’t mean to be act cold or unconcerned. I’m just a little overwhelmed with life and can’t focus on one emotion when there are so many going on. 
Have you seen the video of the little girl trying to hula hoop but keeps shaking after it hits the ground? Yep, that’s how me and life are getting along. I know I have it pretty good in a lot of ways. This isn’t a pity party for me. I’m just thinking with my fingers. 
I think I’ve gotten so used to being subdued that Im not sure how to tear this wall down. Then again, I’m not sure the wall should come down for some people. 
I get so tired of lazy people who do nothing, but yet complain about how bad they have it. The people who feel entitled to everything, but do nothing for themselves or others. Those who want you to bend over backwards, but won’t lift their pinky finger for you. People who continue to take but never give. It’s their way or no way. You know those people who act like there’s no one else in the world that matters. Let’s not forget the people who know everything about everyone and everything. I’ll stop there even though I could go on for days.
Well since I started, let’s hit the subject of hypocrites. I’m not pointing any fingers or mentioning names, but we are all God’s children. It doesn’t matter what church you go to or what denomination you are. As long as, You know Jesus Christ was God’s only begotten son and that he died for our sins. You must ask to be forgiven. Once you’ve accepted Him, you can’t go back to hating people because of their religion, or what church they go to, or the color of their skin, or how they wear their hair, or if they have tattoos, or whatever crazy thing you can make up. God is about Love. He commanded us to love one another. I love everyone. I may not like some people’s ways, but I do not wish ill intentions on anyone. To purposely hate or be mean to someone is wrong. Plain and simple. If you have children, what kind of example are you setting? Our children look up to us. We mold them, whether it be good or bad. Be a light that shines not smoke that burns eyes. 
Look, I don’t mean to sound whiny. I’ve been blessed way more than I deserve. It’s just that my tolerance for drama and the nonsense “out for only me” attitudes is nonexistent. 
I will help and do for anyone that I can. That’s just me and always has been. However, there comes a time when you have to stand up for yourself. I usually hold it in way too long and then blow like a super volcano, which isn’t good for anyone. I know I can’t control other people, and right now I’m having a hard time controlling myself. I hope and pray that I can come to terms and peace with some situations before it comes to a head. Now, let’s hope I can go to sleep before I ramble some more. Goodnight and God Bless!


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