Narcissists. They are everywhere. But it’s all good!

My Health Quest

images (2)I haven’t written about narcissists for a while. Haven’t needed to. But as I regularly check the stats of  this blog, I notice that the most popular posts are about exactly that. This tells me that many people have the same struggles I’ve had which makes my blog have a purpose. So this post is about them, but not from how I am affected by or dealing with them. I have done my work, and can now spot them within seconds. I have succeeded in creating blockers so I don’t get caught up in their toxic and destructive behaviour.

Everyone has a bit of narcissism in them. There is healthy narcissism and unhealthy narcissism.

Healthy Narcissism

This article gives some interesting insight into what healthy narcissism is. We are often afraid of the word itself, and may think that healthy narcissism is an oxymoron. It is not. Here are some…

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